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Egg Packaging

After being approached by a Yorkshire Egg Packer back in 2008 who was greatly dissatisfied with being continually let down by egg packaging importers, Propac designed and created a 30 cavity egg tray lid in Rpet, previous to that they were manufactured in brittle styrene resulting in a lot of damaged product. So successful was this lid that we went on to produce a range of lids from 12, 15, 18, 24 , 30, cavity and then a 30 cavity base and snap on lid in RPET.

Then came the challenge of the hinged egg box which took 12 months to perfect. The box has a unique locking mechanism circumventing existing patented designs. Not only are the boxes strong and very protective but they are approved by the world’s leading egg packing machine manufacturer for use on their machinery.

Clear egg box packaging is the way forward and is the norm on the Continent. Retailers can see at a glance if there is any damaged product and of course the packs are recyclable at end of use.