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Our Thermoforming Machines

From day one Propac have sought to buy and operate industry acknowledged state of the art machinery to help us create a premium product and service. Here at Propac we care for our machines and they perform so much better for it…it keeps us ahead of the field.

We work closely with a selection of SPECIALIST TOOLMAKERS who understand the machinery we operate and our need for quality thermoform tooling for maximum efficiency.  Quality tooling is designed to deliver optimum production times, quality products and best possible machine and material utilisation. In conjunction with our customers we develop packaging that is right for purpose. From a written brief, sketch or description we can work with you from initial concept to finished product, providing drawings, prototypes and sample mouldings prior to full production tooling.

Have a look below to see our equipment:


Kiefel KMD78
The newest member of our fleet incorporating a combination of technologies unique to the UK.


Kiefel KMD60
A high output workhorse offering excellent performance with commercially attractive tooling outlay.


Illig RD53D
High output with good flexibility and short tool change times.


Illig RV53C
Low to high output volumes ideal for smaller running lines, more than capable of very high output speeds.